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SSD solution for black notes is a chemical that is used to clear defaced notes of all denomination. Our SSD Solution removes stains from any currency, it removes black coating or white coating on any note.

We also have lazer machine that can clean any currency. It works with the activation powder. This powder removes the virus from the notes and the machine cleans the notes. The lazer machine can clean your notes and change the serial number of your notes and after clean, the note is 100% authentic.

ssd solution for black notes in turkey


World Wide Deliveries

SSDPROCLEANER provides services to nearly all the countries available worldwide. We are constantly working in targeting new areas and region which were lacking our services.

Money back guarantee

Money back guarantee only when our solution makes no difference or does not clean your black bills to your satisfaction, this can only be 85% money back on powders and 95% pastestes and oxides.

Fastest services

SSDPROCLEANER provide premium services to all our clients whether old or new. Professionally selected team will help you to solve any problem at breakneck speed with the maximum of efficiency.

Support 24/7

SSDPROCLEANER got an outstanding customer support and service. Always available 24/7. We communicate with our customers as soon as they get to us.
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